Some of our clients are in the early stages of starting up a new organization. One of the first questions we ask them is, “What is it about your new organization that is unique and will make a difference?”

What’s our own answer to that question? There are three main things that make Mendicant’s work with our clients unique and valuable:

We understand the reality of charities and nonprofits

When clients engage Mendicant, they are partnering with professionals who understand their reality. We don’t need much time to become familiar with their challenges or operating environment—we’ve all been there. Whether it involves meeting with boards and volunteers or working together to create solutions for resource-challenged organizations, Mendicant can hit the ground running, saving our clients valuable time and money.


We truly enjoy working with good people to make a difference

Our team is endlessly grateful for the clients we serve. Our clients are often highly motivated people who want to make a difference in the lives of others. At the end of a project, we share their satisfaction of seeing the positive outcome of our work together. Along the way, we may tell a few jokes, make a pun or two, or even share recipes for baked goods.


We share your commitment to community

Our clients are very talented people who could be doing anything – but they have chosen to identify a need in the community they serve and do something about it. Mendicant’s team understands that motivation. Our team includes accomplished professionals who have held senior positions in charities, nonprofits, various levels of government and the private sector. We have chosen to help others because we share their passion for service and impact.