Sometimes when organizations are asked to consider if there are better, more effective ways to run their programs and services, they respond, “we’ve always done it that way.”

Responses like these can be a barrier to making change happen in organizations – and Mendicant’s team has a practical approach to respond to this challenge.

Working with program staff and administrators, we map processes and procedures to jointly find ways to provide more effective service while recognizing and celebrating staff commitment and motivation.

Learn how Mendicant helped a community service provider grapple with fundamental change.

Communities around the world are looking for better ways to include those with different abilities in the public sphere.

Mendicant worked with an organization that had pioneered a new way to promote accessibility that, while initially successful, became unaffordable due to changes in the marketplace and significant liability concerns raised by its insurer. This required the organization and its team to fundamentally change their “business as usual” approach.

We began by recognizing the energy, time and resources the team had devoted to building its model. It was the solid foundation upon which the organization could now pivot to address other problems in the accessibility space. Mendicant facilitated a productive discussion, grounded in the needs of the community the organization served, which led the participants to identify new focus areas for the organization.