Sometimes community organizations create and launch new programs without addressing basic questions. What is the problem we are trying to solve? Are other organizations already active in this space? What has been tried before – and did it work? What can we do that will make a difference?

Mendicant’s team can help you frame and research these questions to better understand community needs and co-design a program with key stakeholders to make a difference.

Learn how Mendicant helped Prince’s Charities Canada (now Prince’s Trust Canada) research and coordinate a military-to-civilian transition program.

Each year, thousands of people leave the Canadian Forces to return to civilian life. For some, it’s an easy transition, while others are challenged to make best use of their skills and abilities. Mendicant was asked by two Canadian social organizations, Prince’s Charities Canada and Futurpreneur, to determine the feasibility of a program to help transitioning military personnel start their own businesses.

Our team conducted extensive research, determining that this had been successfully done in other countries. We identified key stakeholders already active in the area in Canada and verified that it was worth exploring a comprehensive program. Backed by the research, we helped our clients convene stakeholders and jointly design a more unified approach that became The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur. This program builds on a successful approach pioneered by Memorial University and gives transitioning military personnel entrepreneurial instruction, mentorship and possible financing. The transition program is currently active in several Canadian universities and has been shared with other jurisdictions around the world.

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We engaged Alex and Mendicant Group to research the market for a military-to-entrepreneurship transition program. From their assessment, they designed The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur and helped us bring together the best partners to run it. They also designed and implemented the annual evaluation for the program. Their work has been professional and innovative and has helped us make a difference in the lives of hundreds of former military professionals. We are very proud of the program and showcase it to others in the Prince’s global network as a great example of what Canada has done in the field.

Amanda Sherrington

President and CEO at Prince’s Charities Canada (later Prince’s Trust Canada)