Committed staff are one of the most important assets in community organizations, but organizations may struggle to provide them with relevant and cost-effective training and other supports.

Mendicant’s team regularly designs and offers in-person and remote training sessions to provide individual staff and teams with the skills and perspective they need to thrive in changing times.

We also offer one-on-one coaching to support individual leaders as they navigate the challenges of their teams and organizations.

Learn how Mendicant created a customized training approach for a transitioning organization.

We worked over a number of months with an organization that was undergoing significant, rapid changes. Some key team members had left, while others were disengaging until “things settled down.” Mendicant’s team held an initial session with the program staff team to better understand the challenges they were facing.

Based on their feedback, we designed and delivered three customized training sessions (Change Management 101, Customer Centricity and Thriving in Times of Change) to dozens of staff.

We complemented the sessions with direct coaching support to leaders and their teams to help them put their new mindsets and skills and into action.