Mendicant was founded in 2005 to meet a growing need in the global movement of charities, nonprofits and community-focused social enterprises grappling with the many social and environmental challenges we all face.

Our founder, Alex Gill, spent a dozen years as an executive in a range of nonprofit organizations before starting Mendicant. During that time, he found the organizations needed professional, targeted help, and expertise that understood their reality and could work with them to move forward.

Organizations often face challenging and changing times.

Some are trying to understand and quantify how to better help those they serve. Others have programs, processes and structures that need to be more effective and efficient. Some need help clarifying their focus through a strategic plan. What they all have in common is that they could benefit from external help–delivered at the right time, by a knowledgeable team. Working in partnership, Mendicant’s skilled professionals help organizations grow, change and thrive in challenging times.

That’s why Mendicant was founded – and why we still do what we do. We help those dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others, even better at what they do.