The decisions made by community organizations can have a wide-ranging impact on the lives of the people they serve.

Whether it is determining how to expand a health program, offer more or fewer services, or change budget allocations and eligibility criteria – decisions matter.

Mendicant regularly works with organizations to conduct research and analyze data to provide decision-makers with the most complete picture possible – enabling them to consider many different aspects of an issue simultaneously and consequently make higher-quality decisions.

Learn how Mendicant helped a consortium of organizations by calculating how many autistic children and their families might require crisis support.

In 2021, the Province of Ontario invited autism service organizations to submit proposals for a new program (Urgent Response Services) that would provide immediate help for children and their families in crisis.

The proposals hinged on a key number: How many children with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis (ASD) in a given geographic area would experience a crisis that met the program criteria in a given year?

Mendicant’s team worked with a consortium of Northern Ontario providers to co-write their proposal.

As there were no studies that could directly answer the key question, we blended data from a number of sources to create an equation that produced a mathematically valid estimate of the number of children the providers would serve in a given year.