Many organizations are dependent on a narrow range of relatively inflexible funding sources and this limits their ability to truly serve their communities.

Mendicant’s team has helped dozens of organizations find ways to broaden their revenue base while staying true to their core purpose.

Whether it is expanding earned revenue through events, the sales of products or services, new corporate partnerships or funding from various levels of government – we help organizations obtain the resources that give them more flexibility and more impact.

Learn how Mendicant helped an environmental non-profit acquire more options by increasing its revenue 150% in two years.

Collective organizations often struggle to grow as they balance service to their stakeholders with the demands of advocacy and generating revenue. This is particularly the case for organizations that operate in very specific areas such as the environment.

The Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) was facing many of these challenges when we began working with the organization. After conducting research on it’s existing and potential supporters, we revamped its membership structure, expanded its events to include an annual conference, and secured a number of cost-shared government programs that delivered benefits to the organization and to provincial policy priorities. The result was a 150% increase in revenue in just two years that allowed the organization to hire more staff and invest in more visible benefit to the community it served.