While people who want to make their communities a better place often have the best of intentions, they sometimes have difficulty agreeing on how to proceed. Whether it is large groups of diverse stakeholders, boards of directors, or small teams – consensus can be elusive.

Mendicant designs and facilitates meetings and brokers negotiations to help get people on the same page. This includes regularly facilitating international meetings (where we have to understand and mitigate dozens of different languages, cultural contexts, and personalities) and smaller-scale negotiations where we identify common ground and actively work to build consensus.

Learn how Mendicant helped bring a Canadian educational arts program to London’s most challenging schools

The Royal Conservatory of Music’s Learning Through the Arts program is an innovative Canadian approach that imbeds creative people in classrooms to reinterpret and share learning content in ways that increase student engagement.

Schools in the UK shared a challenge similar to the Canadian schools that had been helped by the program, so Mendicant helped negotiate an agreement between Prince Charles’s charities and the Conservatory to pilot the program in key London neighbourhoods.

In one day, we were able to get several distinct stakeholders on the same page and lay the groundwork for a partnership.