Organizations spend considerable amounts of their scarce staff and volunteer time on regular strategic planning processes – but the results are often disappointing.

The Mendicant team developed its own simplified and powerful planning process, called JigSaw. Instead of getting bogged down in discussion about “mission, vision, and values,” JigSaw uses intuitive, step-by-step tools and practical templates to quickly deliver a thorough strategic plan.

In as little as one day, we can create a concrete plan with defined actions and outcomes captured in a straightforward, multi-year operations plan.

Community organizations regularly deliver maximum impact with modest resources. They deserve a strategic planning tool that does the same.

Learn how Mendicant helped a divided board set its priorities.

The mental health space is, unfortunately, seeing a growing demand for services – and this places an additional strain on dedicated community organizations. The Mendicant team worked with one organization that was deadlocked in discussion about which group they should focus on:

  • older, isolated adults?
  • children?
  • teens and young adults?
  • caregivers for those with mental health challenges?
  • Other groups?

Rather than wade into the ongoing debate, we used the JigSaw process to co-create a filter with the board that captured the characteristics of an ideal group that the organization could help. After just a few hours of energizing discussion, the board unanimously decided that the organization could have the most impact with teens and young adults and then moved on to a focused day of planning.