About us

The Basics

Mendicant Group is a Toronto based social consultancy that helps charities, nonprofits, social enterprises and corporate citizens plan and improve their community impact. Founded in 2005, we have worked for dozens of organizations across Canada and (so far) in ten countries around the world.Other consultancies may say that they "serve nonprofit clients" in addition to their corporate clients, but at Mendicant we are only focused on the social sector. It's what we know – and what we do best.

Mendicant's value to its clients is built upon three (3) main pillars:

We understand the reality of the nonprofit sector: Mendicant's senior consultants are all veterans of the nonprofit sector. When clients engage Mendicant, they are partnering with professionals who don't require a lengthy learning curve to understand their challenges. Whether it is the delicacies of dealing with boards and volunteers or the resource and time shortages that plague most organizations, clients find we can quickly hit the ground running, saving valuable time and money.

We deliver maximum impact for modest fees: Mendicant knows that nonprofit organizations are called upon every day to deliver maximum impact with minimal resources. Our organization is no different - we keep our operations lean and focused, minimizing overhead and enabling us to provide top-quality work at a reasonable price.

We connect clients to others who can help: At Mendicant, we know that if our clients succeed, Canada succeeds. If our clients have needs that we can't fix, we will connect them to someone who can – free of charge. Our extensive network is a resource we are happy to share with our current and future clients.